Contact: LRIC General Billing

General Billing Questions

  • Ask a billing question
  • Balance inquiry
  • Status on a claim
  • Make a payment

Date of Service AFTER 8/10/2018:
Call (888) 413‐5458 or email
To make a payment, please visit:

Date of Service BEFORE 8/10/2018:
Call (844) 855‐2462 or email
To make a payment, please visit:

Legal Requests

Requests from law firms and attorneys for:

  • Itemized bills
  • Affidavits
  • Subpoena for billing records

Link to upload requests:
(**Note: Provider listed on ChartSwap as Radiology Imaging Consultants, SC)

Fee Requests

  • Estimated pricing requests
  • Estimated insurance coverage
  • Estimated patient responsibility


Financial Assistance

  • Assistance in paying your bill
  • Payment plan options

Call (424) 500-8492 or email